AdWords Management


To successfully market in the digital world you should have three things going for you. First, a nice and functional website, second, a strong SEO plan to rank your site organically, and third, good paid online advertisement. This gives you more ways to reach out to your customers. Paid ads, specifically through Google AdWords, work. They use keywords to present your ad's in front of potential customers that are searching for your specific service or product.

Google, being the largest and most used search engine, is the top player in online advertising with Google AdWords. If you have any experience with Google AdWords though, you'll know how complex and confusing it can be. You set up a small ad, set your budget and wait. This is terrifying though because a lot of that money won't bring in results and unless you know how to refine and perfect your advertising campaigns, you will be throwing money away.

This is where Juvo Media comes in. We know Google AdWords. We've tested it, researched it and have become experts. We can make sure your ads are converting to sales not only in quality advertisements but in coordinating with your website so they work hand in hand. We have managed thousands of dollars already with phenomenal results.

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